Two-Meter Twin Telescope Project

The Two-Meter Twin Telescope  (TTT) Is a privately owned autonomous robotic telescope setup at the Teide Observatory complex in Tenerife which is the largest of the Canary Islands. The Canaries are about 62 miles west of Morocco in the Atlantic ocean.

Light Bridges, S.L of  owns and operates the TTT  and is a 
limited liability company of Spanish nationality and residence in the Canary Islands.
If you need more information regarding Light Bridges, S. L their website is:

The TTT is designed so that institutions such as universities etc. can lease access to a high end system for scientific research such as near earth asteroids or exoplanets  and is located in one of the few premier locations on earth for doing such studies.

Photo courtesy of: 
J. C. Casado,

Two-Meter Twins under construction.

 The 80 cm twins are finished and working and the two meter twins are under construction.    The left picture  is a satellite view and the red arrows are the twin two meter telescope bases/piers  and the green arrow points to the twin 80 cm telescopes. The photo on the right shows the finished 80 cm twins and if you click on the photo you will see the size of the two meter twin's piers.

Equipment used.


ASA AZ2000

QHY411 150 mega pixels

QHY411 150 mega pixels
Octopi V2 camera interface

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