Lateral adjusters are included to be able to move the camera sensor in the X and Y planes to center your image in the light cone. They are 100 TPI for exceptional accuracy.

Here is an animated gif showing how the lateral adjusters allow you to center the image in the light cone. Courtesy of Chris White.


Some clients have asked for humidity control so the V2 model comes stock with a 1/8" NPT tap to insert a desiccant tube that can be readily made with a couple of local hardware store parts. You can also use a dew strap from a 140mm refractor to put around the Octopi to help keep the sensor dry.

When George was writing the code for Hocus Focus,  the corner pivoting layout was all I made so that is what he had to work with but with the V2 model I decided to give the option for a side pivot layout also to satisfy those customers that want to use the sensor sides instead of the sensor corners.

Side pivot axis layout for ASTAP

Corner pivot axis layout for use with Hocus Focus via NINA.

Optional 45 degree mounting rotation now included so you can use either sensor corner or sensor side orientation when adjusting the interface.

For 4 Hole ASI/ZWO Filter Wheels.

For 6 Hole QHY and Indigo Filter Wheels.