The Transient Survey Telescope Project.

The Transient Survey Telescope (TST) is another remote robotic telescope from the good folks at Light Bridges, SL and will be located at the Teide Observatory complex.  The TST will utilize the 1 meter ASA UFW1000 F/1.3 as it is the ideal platform for wide field imaging to capture smaller objects quickly which will come in handy when looking for "city killer" asteroids.

This project is in the assembly stage so photos will be added as this all comes together.

Photos courtesy of Antonio Maudes

The Teide volcano in the background of the foundation and dome turntable.

Construction is moving along on the TST and the TTT 80cm twins can be seen in the background.

X-ray view of the 1 meter telescope stuffed into the 12.5 foot clam shell.